The 500SW (5:00 somewhere) is an automated bartender built to showcase at BarBot 2013, a robotic bartending show in San Francisco. It was a great project that has taught me a lot about the fabrication process and electronics. The 500Sw has the particularity that it does not offer the user a choice of drinks. Instead, it requires the user to freestyle dance on a DDR pad for 20 seconds to a random song. It then judges the dancer's performance and delivers a drink depending on how well they danced. The better the performance, the more elaborate the cocktail!

The interaction method was a big hit at the event, and people seemed to enjoy having to work for their drink. As a researcher in HCI it was definitely interesting to make the interaction different from all the other robots and see what people had to say about it!

You can learn more about the robot (and make your own) on the github page .

The 500SW is currently living at Planet Labs in San Francisco!